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Join us as we #Ignite1M  – connect one million entrepreneurs, especially in Africa to growth resources; truly democratizing access to funding, mentorship, industry insights, new markets, knowledge sharing opportunities and more.

We recognize the amazing work you do and would like you to BeTheSpark, working with us to achieve this objective.

Be The Spark

Be a Mentor on our virtual mentorship platform - ASK AN ICON

This is an opportunity for Entrepreneurs in our network to find, schedule and meet Mentors.

The goal is to essentially democratize mentorships for all, by providing a bridge to mentors and automating the process.

Ernest and Phranklin mentorship

Mentor Only the Best
Our vetting process ensures that we only pair you with ambitious entrepreneurs.

At Your Own Schedule
You determine your availability. You can set recurring dates daily, weekly or monthly.

Hack Ideas in 30 minutes
Many entrepreneurs feel stuck. Help validate and develop their ideas in batches of 30 minute speed mentoring sessions.

Ignite Coaching in 60 Minutes
Give indepth insights to solve that big business problem entrepreneurs are facing with 60 minute speed mentoring sessions.

Build Your Network
You’ll meet with some of the most fascinating entrepreneurs and be the first to jump on that big idea with them.

Automatic Alerts on New Bookings
Once a session is booked, you’ll get an automated email with all the details you need.

Share your legacy on - The Spark masterclass

The Spark Masterclass is an opportunity for Entrepreneurs in our network to learn from the legacies of business leaders. It is delivered via a cinematic learning experience with physically recorded videos.

Cinematic Experience
Help entrepreneurs easily understand concepts, strategies and ideas in a simulated learning environment.

Be Guided by Lesson Guides
Each Masterclass lesson follows a lesson guide created by our team prior to any recording session.

Mentor entrepreneurs live
Hold live Q&A sessions with our entrepreneurs, answering their most pressing questions.

Help Entrepreneurs Grow
Our audience can easily follow a learning path, fill workbooks and mark each class as complete once done.

Globally Recognized
Be part of a network of Enablers leaving legacies and helping the next generation of changemakers.

Exclusive Reports
Be the first to know when your Masterclass is released and receive reports on how you are helping the ecosystem.

Be a special feature and thought leader on - The Spark Magazine & Library

Share insights and guide entrepreneurs on their path to success via exclusive interviews and contributions, published in our bi-monthly print and digital magazine and library.

The Spark Magazine

Write Weekly Newsletters
Provide the latest insights entrepreneurs need for business growth so they stay productive.

Resource Lists & Reports
Create comprehensive industry reports and bite-sized resources to help inform their next business decisions.

No Restrictions
From lessons on investment to how to protect intellectual property, there’s no limit on what you can share.

Exclusive Reports
Be the first to know when your article is published and receive reports on how you are helping the ecosystem.

Become a training partner on - The Spark Hacks

The Spark Hacks is an opportunity for entrepreneurs in our network to learn the
secrets of business growth. It is delivered by trusted experts with actionable tools and resources.

Be Recognized as a Trusted Expert
With your vast wealth of experience, you’ll have the opportunity to guide entrepreneurs on their path to success.

Provide Actionable Tools and Resources
Only share what’s worked. Equip entrepreneurs with tools and resources so they can take charge of their businesses.

From 60 Secs to 60 mins
Depending on your preference, share 60 secs to 60 minute business hacks that entrepreneurs can implement to see exponential results.

Exclusive Reports
Be the first to know when your training is released and receive reports on how you are helping the ecosystem.

Help Entrepreneurs save millions on operational costs

Provide discounted-to-free services, products, tools, etc. to help entrepreneurs reduce costs and save money on business operations.

The Spark Store

Provide “Never Seen Before” Offers
From legal to branding, give entrepreneurs up to 90% off. Make it a limited offer or for everyone.

Determine Redemption Process
Easily identify our entrepreneurs through coupon codes. They can checkout on your website or through an alternative means.

Multiple Perks? No Problem
If you’d like to help by providing access to multiple products, services, or tools, we couldn’t be more happier.

Exclusive Reports
Receive impact reports on how you are helping the ecosystem.

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Other Ways you can support The Spark

With the support of thousands of Enablers across Africa.


We chose a model that means our resources are available to all entrepreneurs, funded by Enablers. Our desire is to ensure that our resources get into the hands of as many entrepreneurs as possible.

The movement to Ignite The Spark in entrepreneurs has now been supported by thousands of people around the world – but we can’t stop there. Every contribution, whether big or small, means we can keep curating growth resources for African entrepreneurs. And it only takes a minute.


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